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Charleston United Logo Est. 2019

Red, White and Royal Blue


Charleston S.C. is one of the oldest and history rich cities in the U.S. and we wanted to honor that with our logo.


The steeple in the logo can be interpreted many ways; it represents a safe place for gathering, a symbol of community, where people come together, share ideas and unite for a common cause. Steeples are so revered in Charleston, nicknamed "The Holy City", that a law was created in their honor. It states that no building or permanent structure in the downtown peninsula can be higher than the tallest steeple.


The two windows in the steeple, one lit and one dark, represent the famous “One, if by land, and two, if by sea” phrase coined by the American poet, Henry W. Longfellow in his poem, Paul Reverie’s Ride. It was a reference to the secret signal orchestrated by Revere during his historic ride from Boston to Concord on the verge of the American Revolutionary War.


1776 is arguably the most important and recognized year in America's history. It is a marker in time as well as a reminder of Charleston's rich culture and historical ties to the American Revolution. Proudly displayed, 1776 honors all American patriots who united against tyranny and sacrificed their lives in an unwavering fight for our liberty.


The 13 stars represent the first thirteen colonies arranged in a circle in tribute to the first American flag made by Betsy Ross and commissioned by the United States first president and then Colonial General George Washington.


The sky above the steeple is radiant red which according to folk lore “a good sign” for a port city such as Charleston; it gives credence to the adage "Red sky at night sailors' delight" which equates to tomorrows forecast for ideal maritime weather.


The crescent moon is homage to the South Carolina state flag and is represented in the original logo; it is also inverted to depict a total solar eclipse putting the earth, moon and sun in perfect alignment. Some philosophers believe solar eclipses bring on "rapid positive spiritual change" in our lives form the outside and from within.


The shooting star is open to interpretation and has a unique size, it symbolizes the ancient Greek belief that "Wishing upon a shooting star will make your wish come true", it represents the essence of enlightenment and hope for all who wear our crest.

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