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Frequently Asked Questions

* Does the club really offer my child advanced coaching and training?

At Charleston United we have dedicated, experienced, licensed coaches that are highly trained by SCYSA, USA Soccer and other national bodies. Our coach's prepare lesson plans prior to every season and every training session. They work together sharing coaching strategies and concepts on a regular basis.

* Why do I pay a registration fee to the club and then have to pay additional team fee to the coach?

NOT HERE! At Charleston United your Registration Fee is your Team Fee. We don’t ask you to pay one fee to invest in the club and another fee to the coach for coaching, league fees, referee fees and team expenses.

* Why is Charleston United more affordable than other clubs?

Charleston United Soccer Club is one of the most reasonably priced clubs around.
Our feelosophy is that our fees are lower because your money goes directly towards your child’s development/expenses for that season and not for fultime coaching salaries, club affiliations or future endeavors. CUSC does not charge you a $50 to $75 “annual fee” in addition to a $30 - $40 “tryout” fee. Our uniforms are under $150 and we do not make you buy additional accessories you do not need.

* As a parent if I do not want to volunteer my time why do I have to pay money to the club as a penalty.

Not at Charleston United Soccer Club, we don’t make you do that… And if we ask you to volunteer that is your choice and you are not penalized with additional fees.
* Do your fields have lights for the time change in the Fall and Spring?
We do! Both of our training and game complexes have lights. We have put extensive efforts and investment into the lighting on our fields for our players, we practice at normal times in the evening. We won’t make our parents leave work early in the fall with 4:30/5 pm practices.

* What are the conditions and care of the fields my child will be playing on?

Charleston United has award winning professionally maintained fields by our fultime maintenance staff. We have been working hard over the last eight years and we have a playing surface that we are proud of.
Our fields are lined with paint, they are regulation size and have the appropriate size goals. CUSC players get the full field soccer experience during training which greatly enhances their development.

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