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Please see dates and times for your child's birth year and gender.

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CUSC Soccer Club Tryout FAQs

What is travel soccer and what are its benefits?

Charleston United Soccer Club (CUSC)  is a competitive program for players with a strong drive to develop their soccer abilities and love of the game. Boys and girls that are ready to play competitive soccer, who want to learn new skills, are ready to make the necessary commitment to play travel soccer and are ready to be coached by a professional, licensed coaching staff will benefit from playing travel soccer.


How will my son or daughter be picked for a team?

CUSC will run open tryouts in May. All players are evaluated during these tryouts by the team coaches and additional evaluators. Selected players are placed on appropriate teams by the coaching staff.

How do I determine the right age group for my child?

Players will tryout based on their birth year. For the 2024-2025, the youngest age group from travel soccer will be players born in 2016. We will aim to have teams for following birth years: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006. Players may be grouped together in different birth years for example; player born in 2007 may be grouped with the players born in 2006.

Can my child try out in a different age group?

Players cannot tryout or play in an age group for which they are too old.  Even if they miss the cutoff by one day, they cannot play ’down’ in an age group. Players will not be selected for an older age group, unless the technical staff determines that the player’s soccer development needs will not be met within their own age group.

How many players will you take per team?

Different age groups in travel soccer play with different game formats—and have different roster sizes. Coaches usually carry fewer players than the maximum allowed—optimizing players’ playing time in games. The following are the roster sizes for the different age groups in CUSC travel soccer program.


U8, U9 & U10 Teams 7 vs. 7 game format 10-12 players on each team.

U11 & U12 Teams 9 vs. 9 game format 12-14 players on each team.

U13 – U15 Teams 11 vs. 11 game format 16-18 players on each team.

U16 – U18 Teams 11 vs. 11 game format 16-18 players on each team

What should my player wear to tryouts?

Players should wear athletic shirt and shorts, socks, shin guards, soccer cleats and bring a ball and water.


What are the Coaches Looking For?

Often times, players and parents want to know what a coach is looking for in a player. It is difficult to truly see all that a player has to offer in just two or three sessions. However, the tryouts will be structured in a way to allow all participants a chance to showcase their talents. Here is a quick explanation of each criterion:

Technical Ability:

Technical skills: passing, dribbling, shooting, first touch, defending, etc.


Athletic Ability: Speed, quickness, agility, strength, body control, etc.

a. Pure Speed — Is the player fast from point A to B?

b. Technical Speed — Can the player handle the ball under pressure?

c. Tactical Speed — Can the player make fast decisions with and without the ball?


Awareness: Tactical skills: positioning, communication, decisions on and off the ball, etc.


Attitude/Work Ethic: We are looking for players who exhibit a positive attitude, take coaching points well, show good sportsmanship, and have an overall desire to improve as players.



a. Does the player like to compete?

b. Is he/she a positive influence on the group?

c. Does the player possess a high work rate?

d. Does the player bring passion and energy to the game?

Should my child come to all tryout dates?

While tryouts are mandatory and we expect all players interested in playing for CUSC to attend each tryout session, we do understand that sometimes conflicts arise that cannot be rescheduled. 

Can my child get on a team at other times of the year?

Even after tryouts, many teams may have some roster spots open until late summer.

How can I contact the coach(es) for my age group?


When will I find out if I have made the team?

Players will begin to be notified at tryouts if they are selected. Player notification will continue throughout the tryouts and coaches will call the players to notify them within 72 hours after the last tryout date if they made the team. You will be asked to commit 24 hours after receiving your invitation. Families of invited players will receive instruction from the team representative. A parent meeting will be held following the notifications at which time the registration will be offered along with the appropriate fees. Selected players must make full season commitment to their team. Parents will need to register before the deadline.


When does the season begin?

The season begins in August.


When and where do travel teams practice?

Each travel team will have a different practice schedule at CUSC's fields. Travel teams generally practice two times a week during the season, for 75 minutes to 90 minutes per practice.


How many travel teams will the Springs Soccer Club have in my son’s or daughter’s age group?

The number of travel teams formed in an age group will depend on the number of players who tryout and their ability levels. CUSC will generally form two teams per age group for each gender. These teams are tiered, according to ability, as ‘highly competitive’ team (RED) and ‘competitive’ team (BLUE/WHITE).

How are the coaches selected for each team?

CUSC contracts licensed, professional coaching staff, which are under the supervision of the club’s Director/President. All coaches are hired and paid by the club. The coaches work for the club and are placed on teams to benefit the development of each player. The coaching staff is evaluated each year by the club President.

How much time commitment is required?

The season begins in August 2024 and ends in January 2025. Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, but you should expect at least 1 or 2 Friday games per season.


When are tournaments held?

Teams often play in pre season, mid-season and post-season tournaments (3-4 games in a 2- or 3-day weekend). Players are expected to be available to play in tournaments. Specific age group tournaments will be shared with you by your coach.


How much does travel soccer cost?

Each player pays a registration fee to play travel soccer with CUSC. This player fee covers: coach salaries, league and referee fees, assignor fees, SCYSA registration fees, maintenance fee and administration. In addition to player program fees, each player pays for their uniform kit ($120-$140) as well as tournament fees and travel expenses.


Can I watch my child during tryouts?

Parents are welcome to stay and watch their child tryout, however there are designated viewing areas for spectators. Parents are not allowed to speak to or direct their child during the tryout session.

How can I help prepare my child for their tryout experience?

For many children, this may be the first experience they will have with being selected. It’s important that you, as a parent, manage their expectations.  It is also important that you do not put too much pressure on them and focus on having fun. 

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