Coach Responsibilities-Recommendations


· Before any and all activity (e.g. practice, tryout session, etc...) it is recommended that the temperature of each coach and player should be checked with an infrared thermometer and each individual must be asked and answer these questions


Q Have you been in contact with a person with COVID 19?

Q Have you had a cough, fever, or loss of taste or smell?


If anyone answers YES to any of these questions, they shall not be permitted to participate.


· Activities recommended as minimal or incidental contact drills.


· Recommended if possible that the same coach work with the same small group or individual players for contact tracing capability.


· It is highly recommended that activities last no more than one (1) hour. Fatigue brought on by physical activity renders an individual more vulnerable to the virus. Excessive activities, especially in the heat of the summer, should be avoided.


· Coaches only shall be permitted to touch training discs and cones.


· If training bibs or pinnies are needed, players must bring their own colored shirts. For example, a coach should require each player to bring or wear a dark and a light t-shirt to play. If for any reason a training bib or pinnie is used by a player, it must be immediately isolated (put into a separate laundry bag) and not used again by any other individual unless and until it is laundered.


· Physical contact outside the game should be avoided.


· Players must use their own soccer ball un less participating in evaluation process. Share soccer balls should be sanitized before and after group use. There will be no throw-ins and no activity will include picking up a ball with your hands. Players will be discouraged from touching any soccer ball other than their own unless engaged in small group or collective Tryout evaluation activities.


Player Responsibilities-recommended


· Players recommended to wear masks prior to and immediately after training/evaluations.


· Players recommended to strictly observing social distancing when not in play (6-10ft).


· Players recommended to only go to their “station” when not engaged in play.


· Players recommended to wash or sanitize their hands prior to and immediately after training


· Players recommended washing their clothes and bathing immediately up returning home.


· Players recommended to NOT share drinks, food, equipment or clothing at any time.


· Physical contact outside of play (e.g. high 5s, hugs, etc.) should be avoided at all times.


· If player is diagnosed with Covid -19 or resides with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 then the player is required to quarantine for 14 days.


· Player diagnosed with or living with a person diagnosed with Covid 19 is recommended to share that information with the coach so contact tracing may be used to limit possible exposure.

Parent Responsibilities-recommended


· Avoid carpooling. Only members of the same family should be in a vehicle together


· Parents should have hand sanitizer available for their children before and after each session.


· Parent shall remain in their cars during all activities. They may not congregate at or around the field. If they leave their car for any reason (e.g. to use a restroom) they must wear a facemask/covering and observe social distancing.

· If parents feel the need to communicate with a coach then it is recommended via telecommunications or email...\RTP 2020\Guidelines for Reopening Athletic Fields and Resuming Youth Sports -FINAL.pdf