Charleston United Soccer Academy

CUSA 2018

Charleston United Soccer Academy

Welcome to Charleston United Soccer Academy. CUSA will offer players within the Charleston United

Soccer Club the opportunity to participate in advanced training throughout the season by a highly-
experienced coach(s) within the club. In addition, if the Club has multiple teams in a specific age group,

CUSA players from that group will create competitive tournament teams and play one or more tournaments
in the top divisions. CUSA players will still train and play with their regular teams during the season.

CUSA Objectives
1. Create a professional, competitive and intrinsic soccer environment.
2. Identify, develop and nurture intelligent, adaptable soccer players who can compete at the highest level.
3. Create a culture that can be duplicated throughout Charleston United Soccer Club.

CUSA Criteria

There will be two or more evaluations for those age groups with multiple teams. Players will be asked to compete under observation and grading by multiple coaching staff. Players not asked to be in CUSA will have future opportunities during seasonal years as well as an understanding of skill level required and commitment.

CUSA Players Criteria

1. CUSA players must attend all training sessions, except for injury or illness.
2. CUSA players must be focused and ready to train at an intense level.
3. CUSA players will not make excuses for lack of effort.
4. CUSA players must address the coach respectively and professionally.
5. CUSA players must complete any additional tasks asked by the coach (e.g. home practice activities).

CUSA Parent Criteria
1. CUSA parents must agree to all player and parent criteria.
2. CUSA parents must agree to not coach their child or undermine the authority of the coach.
3. CUSA parent must agree that their child will play in every CUSA team tournament.
4. CUSA parent understands that this is advanced level training.
5. CUSA parent must be supportive to the team, parents and players.

Coach Garrett - CUSA Director of Coaching