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December 2014

Soccer Field of the Year – St. Andrew’s Charleston United Soccer Club – Drayton Elementary School in West Ashley.
Recognized by SportsTurf Management Association of South Carolina.20141210_091915 (1)

Welcome -

Charleston United is a St Andrew’s Parks and Playground Developmental Youth Soccer Program. Our goal is to provide advanced coaching, training and competition in the Lowcountry. CUSC is an all inclusive soccer program with players from all over the area. We have seasonal evaluations to insure our players and teams are moving in the right direction physically and mentally. CUSC teams are comprised with players who are ready to train and practice at the competitive level and parents who understand our goals and direction of St. Andrew’s Travel Soccer program.

Our motto is – Coaches coach, players play and parents cheer. We believe that every child’s overall development and well being is what’s most important. Our goal is to have coaches who are compassionate, excited and a positive influence with children, parents and the West Ashley Community. We want to help our players become well rounded individuals and to allow them to develop as well as grow in a fun educational atmosphere. We also expect our parents to cheer as spectators with class and dignity.

Our practice and game fields are behind Drayton Hall Elementary School on Hwy 61. St. Andrew’s maintains them to garner access for our players to have space for training and home games. As a St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground Program  – Charleston United does not have access to City of Charleston’s facilities unless coordinated and agreed upon by the City Recreation Superintendent and St. Andrew’s Executive Director.

Not all clubs are alike! There are differences including; fees / financial obligations, personnel time commitments, facilities and field locations. We ask that you look at all the options and what each has to offer. If you decide that you would like to be a part of Charleston United we hope it’s with the understanding of  Who We Are.

Proudly Charleston United!